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Sep, 2010

Had heard her referred to as "the best Provider in NYC" on one of the boards and read numerous reviews. So it was time for me to find out for myself. She opened the door and stood behind it, once I went inside I found her a vision of loveliness - very beautiful and exuding sex. She was wearing a light robe that left little to the imagination when I arrived. Light kiss at the door and excused myself to wash off the city's grime. Came back into the room and found her lounging on the bed with the robe having come partially undone. Began kissing and groping and soon my clothes were also off. Highly recommend this provider... J

 Sep, 2010

One the seventh day God created Rachel.........One of the best experiences I have had with a woman... any woman. She has charm, wit, class, humor, beauty, sophistication, sensuality, sexuality, intelligence, enthusiastic, sweet, and a body that defies physiology.  Rachel is much hotter in person than anyone can imagine from her photos. Don't get me wrong, her photos are great. Just be prepared to be knocked out of our shoes when you see her. Her eyes are electrifying, her smile is intoxicating, and her body..... her body is magical.  ...Kevin

Sep, 2010

I came across Rachel in the NY discussion board, when someone nominated her for top NYC provider. I visited her web site and wow. I could not believe my eyes. This is more than just another provider guys. She is the total package! A very voluptuous woman. I decided to try for a session, so I gave her my info. Couple of days later she notified all was ok. I decided for a mid afternoon appointment on the Friday before labor day. I had the afternoon open. She complied and provided me with the contact information. I get to the location, contact her and got the OK to visit her. I knock and................ Tony

 Aug, 2010  NY

 When I first laid eyes on Rachel I knew I had to be the luckiest guy alive. I brought the music, champagne and chocolate which she appreciated. We did it all - Rachel is truly a delight and deserves all you can give her.    ...Sailingbruce

July, 2010 Boston

After seeing Rachel's ad and reading her stellar reviews, I could not pass up the chance to meet this amazing woman. I was soon Knocking her door... Danny

July, 2010  Boston

What can I say...I'm in love. This woman is terrific: beautiful, wonderful fantasy body, fun to talk with. There will definitely be a next time when she's in town.   ...Deanrob TER

Jun, 2010  Chicago

Listen everyone you better see this wonder of the world soon because, mark my words ,this girl is so beautiful and smart and will be taken some good looking and rich guy some day and he will be the happiest guy and luckiest guy in the world.   ...Lakerman16Mar, 2010


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