Delightful Rachel Couples

The Magic of Ménage à Trois

I love to spend time with couples! It seems the longer a relationship lasts, the greater the desire for mystery and intrigue that as a courtesan for couples, I can satisfy.  Meeting couples who are new to the "ménage à trois" experience requires someone who has particular skills, is understanding of your feelings, and can manage the difficult balancing act between sexuality and the sensuality derived from a couple's attachment to one another.

There are many good reasons that a couple should or would want to have a threesome, such as simply to explore your sexuality, or to breathe new life into a relationship and as a result, become closer as a couple. You will learn far more about your lover by exploring this new lifestyle. I am here to help you discover various levels of sensuality, adapting myself to each situation. As a passionate companion, I am gifted with the art of seduction and I will make you both feel relaxed with my kindness, charm and sensuality, leaving no room for tension. I will make our encounter just the way you expect it to be and leave you both in a state of contented bliss.

I suggest we all meet initially for a glass of wine or have some champagne so that we may first get better acquainted and ease any apprehension you may have.

As a useful tip it is essential to have ground rules associated with our play. The couple should talk alone about what they are comfortable doing so that there is a controlled environment governed by mutual respect. I encourage you to share with me in advance your level of experience, how you came to this decision to include me in your fantasy, and of course, any thoughts of how you might like our time together to go. Be assured that it will be one of those wonderfully sensual experiences you will not soon forget.

Let me add some spice to your world...

Truly yours,


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